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About Angi

Hello, I'm Angela Hyde and I've been sewing since I was a child, starting with making clothes for my dolls and toys. I didn't really enjoy sewing lessons at school as I found it rather restrictive but caught the sewing bug when I left home. I began making my own clothes and soft furnishings and discovered a world of individual style and unique design.

Many years later I'm still as much in love with sewing as ever and get immense satisfaction from creating garments and accessories for my clients, whether it is for a wedding, Ascot or just a summer dress. My particular passion is for vintage and historical fashion, where designs from the past provide the glamour and gloss often missing from modern fashion.

I provide a bespoke dressmaking service to my clients, sourcing fabrics as required to the client's budget and design. Remodelling of existing garments or alterations can also be undertaken.

Angi's Work

“Thanks so much for all the work you've put into my lovely dress”
“The (prom) dress was a huge success, everybody said it was the best dress of the night, thank you again.”
“Everyone's outfits looked amazing. Bridesmaids look fab. Thank you xxx”
“Hi Angi, Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the curtains. They are incredible!! And thanks for the cushion - you are clever”
“Thank you so much for doing my dress and Jack's trousers, you're a star xxxx”
“Hi Angela, dress is lovely, perfect fit thank you. xx”
“Dress is lovely. Thank you for all the trouble you went to to have it ready in time”
“Hi Angela, the dress has arrived, it's beautiful!”
Alison Ballard
“I had a gorgeous evening gown and my beautiful corded lace wedding dress and matching bolero made by Angi. It was so lovely to have dresses which are custom made for you and so fit like a glove. My wedding dress was stunning with such attention to detail. It was PERFECT and still love it now”
“Angi is an extremely talented seamstress and her work is second to none”
“Angela is a very creative lady and will take an idea and make the most wonderful garment or home accessories. She can do magic with scraps of fabric and is one of the most generous souls and kind and thoughtful people that I have ever met. She is extremely professional and has been known to sew all night if necessary to reach a tight deadline - you won't find a better seamstress!”
“Just being a proud mum and also obviously to let you know how great the dresses turned out. Thank you so much for everything. A truly magical day”
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